22-26 July, 2024 – 9th National College Student Biomedical Engineering Innovative Design Competition

The 9th “National College Student Biomedical Engineering Innovative Design Competition” is hosted by the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering and organized by Hainan University. This competition plans to adopt a week-long form to create a high-quality discipline competition, enhance the event’s competitiveness, and expand its influence. The competition will focus on clinical applications, with tracks categorized according to industry fields and academic directions. Exciting activities throughout the competition will include lectures on cutting-edge science, high-end medical equipment displays, and corporate presentations, providing participating students and faculty with a rich feast of knowledge in biomedical engineering.

The competition only accepts team entries. Members may form a team from more than one college. However, only one college should be selected as the primary participant. All entrants shall join teams of 1 to 5 members. All entrants shall be essential members of the team. The team leader must be currently enrolled at an overseas university. The primary participant college should be an overseas university that is officially recognized. Participating schools and team members can be from domestic universities.

The offline activities for this competition are scheduled to take place in Hainan in late July 2024. Guided by clinical requirements, the competition encourages participants from various disciplines, such as biomedical engineering, electronic information, mechanical engineering, optics, materials science, biology, and physics. Entries include but are not limited to algorithm development, hardware design, system integration, and other related content in biomedical engineering. For those interested in participating in the international track, faculty and students are encouraged to pre-register themselves considering the clinical applications, disciplinary knowledge, and interests.

Overseas students are welcome to participate.  College students who intend to participate in the competition, please get in touch with us via email: HNuBme@hainanu.edu.cn before May 15th, 2024.